Wyvern Keep

Session 1

Having come from far and wide, it might have seemed surprising that some members were so incurious about local rumors, or work. Then again, a quest seemed to have appeared rather quickly without that. Having come together in the tavern at the New Wellfall Inn, the adventurers soon decided to travel together in order to escort the mage Piper back to her mentor. Along the way they managed to defeat five orcs, and intimidate a couple of goblins. Taking litttle notice of the oddity of the situation, nor the ship now raising it’s sails off the nearby coast, the group continues on and reaches Alistor’s keep safely. Alistor claims to have been a powerful cleric and mage, but old age keeps him from venturing out from his tower these days. He thanks you for returning Piper to him safely, and offers the group two pieces of steel weaponry in return.

EXP: 325


wsynstad wsynstad

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